Temporary Work Permits
Australian companies may sponsor a number of employees from outside Australia provided they can satisfy the Australian Department of Immigration sponsorship criteria. Businesses that have no formal operating base or representation in Australia may also apply to bring employees to Australia to establish a branch, joint venture & agency in Australia; or to maintain obligations for a contract or other business activities in Australia.

Requirements for Sponsorship
The sponsoring business must prove it is lawfully and actively operating and that it will be the direct employer of the sponsored employee. The business also needs to show it has a good business record, abides by immigration laws, and that it will benefit Australia through the employment of the sponsored employee. The sponsoring company must also prove that the business is committed to advancing skills of Australian employees through new technology or training opportunities.

Your application will have a high chance of success provided

  1. The job being offered is legitimate
  2. The potential employee has the appropriate skills for the job
  3. The salary is appropriate for the position being offered.

Obligations for Sponsorship
The sponsoring business must agree to meet the following sponsorship requirements in relation to all the sponsored employees and their accompanying family members:

  • Accept responsibility for financial obligations to the Australian Government.
  • Comply with Australian salary levels & conditions of employment.
  • Accept financial responsibility directly or through medical insurance for all medical costs incurred in Australia by sponsored persons and their dependents.
  • Ensure that sponsored persons hold any necessary licence, registration or memberships.
  • Be responsible for repatriation costs for sponsored persons and their dependents.
  • Inform the Department of Immigration if the sponsored person ceases to be employed.

Contact Our Company for Professional Advice & Assistance
Australian Migration & Citizenship Services staff members are very experienced at preparing and lodging sponsorships and visa applications, on behalf of Australian companies seeking to recruit staff from offshore. We have many years of specialized experience within the corporate oil & gas sector as well as representing a variety of small to medium sized businesses. Some appointments our registered migration agents have assisted with include Trades, CEOs, Managers, IT staff, Engineers, Geologists, Designers, Geophysicists, Nurses, Mechanics, Chefs, Hospitality Workers, Cooks, Agricultural Workers, Technologists, Scientists, Musicians & Sportspeople.

Please contact our office for further detailed information on this Australian visa including how to get the application forms, the fees & costs, timing, supporting documents and forms required to make a valid Australian visa application under the Temporary Employer Sponsored visa category.