This program is designed to encourage large international firms to choose Australia as a location for foreign direct investment. It allows companies that make a significant investment in Australia to bring out essential key expatriate managerial and specialist employees from within the company group who are essential to establish operations in Australia.

Agreements are for three years, although individual visas, once granted, may extend beyond the period of the agreement. IASS agreements are for permanent and/or temporary entry of key managerial and specialist employees. Applicants must meet at least one of the following four criteria for investments of strategic significance to be eligible for the IASS program:

  • The project will boost Australian industry innovation through increasing research & development capability, the new application of skills and knowledge technology transfer.
  • The project will have significant economic benefit to regional Australia taking account the region’s investment needs.
  • The project’s estimated investment exceeds $50 million and thus inherently makes a significant contribution to economic growth, employment and/or infrastructure.
  • The company is establishing a regional headquarters or regional operating centre in Australia.

IASS Agreements provide for either permanent or temporary entry to Australia.

Please contact our office for further detailed information on this Australian visa including how to get the application forms, the fees & costs, timing, supporting documents and forms required to make a valid application for an IASS Agreement.